Important information regarding Project Registration

Some points to take note regarding team formation:

1. A team shall comprise 4 or less members.

2. If a team wishes to have more than 4 members, other than the usual approval from a HCI mentor, approval from the respective Category Manager will have to be sought, before online registration.

3. Each team must have a HCI teacher as a mentor.

4. The group leader must register his group online using his HCI log-in account in i-comp under Projects Day/Registration.

5. All project members to be confirmed before registering on the portal. Mentor will either accept or decline your invitation for mentorship.

6. A team can include members from another HCI consortium, from another school (external members should be of similar age group, i.e. from Sec 1 to Sec 4), from another country (age group applies too). A piece of good advice: pupils are strongly urged to consider recruiting members from within the same consortium, and better still if it is within the same class; this will benefit members greatly when it comes to time management and meeting up regularly as a group and with mentors (this piece of wise advice was given by seniors who have gone through 4 years of project work).

7. If a team includes external members, there should be at least 2 members from HCI in the team.

8. Students are advised to ensure that your HCI network log-in account is active. This is to enable you to sign the Ethics Agreement online before being allowed to carry out the Projects Registration.

9. Before registering your project, it is advisable to consult your prospective mentor first. This is to avoid having your project rejected and thereafter spending unnecessary time to re-register your group again.