Please read carefully regarding your deliverables for Cat 11 Finals. There is plenty to be done, but being the top 10 teams in Cat 11, you should prove your mettle. Cat 11 Finals will separate the teams with real quality from the abject pretenders!

There are 2 components to Cat 11 Finals - (1) Online Portfolio and (2) Oral Presentation

(1) Online Portfolio (50%)
The deadline for completing your online portfolio is 17 Aug 2011. This means that your online portfolio will be judged on 17 Aug 2011, and any changes after that will not be taken into account. Your online portfolio should be complete, which means that it should consist 10 problems, the Fundamental Problem, 10 potential solutions, at least 5 criteria to choose the best solution, the chosen solution, your creative action plan, as well as an evaluation on the feasibilty of your action plan. All these, remember, should have accompanying research that is properly evaluated and cited. While it may seem like having an earlier deadline for the online portfolio disadvantages you, this arrangement is actually meant to safeguard your interests so that even if you complete your online portfolio only on 17 Aug 2011 (obviously not recommended), you will still have 2 more days to work on your presentation (your skit and presentation is obviously dependent on the action plan in your portfolio).

(2) Oral Presentation
The oral presentation is 10 mins long and comprises 4 segments, and is slated for 19 Aug 2011. The presentation should follow the order below.

(a) Creative Action Plan Skit (25% / recommended: 4-5 mins)
You are required to design a futuristic visual to be infused into your skit (e.g. photo montage, video, poster, backdrop, advertisement, e-display, as long as it's a significant part of your skit). This visual should not infringe any copyrights.

You are allowed to creatively use any props in your skit. In the name of frugality, it is recommended that you abstain from purchasing expensive props, and instead reuse and recycle.

There will be a mystery object and tagline that you will have to improvise and include in your skit. Both the object and tagline will be made known to you when you enter the judging venue, and you will be given exactly 1 min to decide how to include this object and tagline. This 1 min will not be counted towards your presentation time.

(b) Evaluation of Action Plan(15% / recommended 4-5 mins)
Apart from creatively dramatising your action plan in the skit, you need to make sure that you have evaluated and analysed your action plan for feasibility, effectiveness, and consequences. To do this, you may conduct comprehensive research to convince the judges that your action plan may be futuristic but is grounded by research, and not simply a fantasy masked by shoddy research. You may also seek expert help (e.g. industry professionals, university academics).

(c) Reflections (5% / recommended 1 min)

(d) Question and Answer Segment (5% / 3 mins max)